Properties of The Western Australian Flower Essences

The following is a short description of the properties of each of the 88 flower essences:

For cleansing oneself of negative influences in one’s environment or a build up over time of stuck influences within oneself. This essence helps a person to be amongst the different aspects of life and maintain inner sanctity by continual cleansing. In the case of negative or harmful aspects, or people, one is then able to live without a build up of negative energy.

For the maturing of the male principle or the man within. For both men and women the promoting of positive creativity that also nurtures an awareness of the needs of the environment while achieving goals. Helpful in balancing achievement with life sustaining qualities such as caring and community / family spirit.

The essence of forgiveness and love. To bring back the light and re-sensitise after resentment and heavy emotional traumas one can’t seem to forget. Helpful in relationship break ups and grief/anger obsessive cycles. Also for issues of control as in the cases of parents or other authority figures, which then get re-enacted in later life.

To strengthen the Will and take back control of the Self. To realise the beauty of inner focus and consistency in establishing a fulfilling life. For those who feel too easily swayed and distracted because of lacking direction and purpose. Helpful in bringing new beginnings by breaking the hold of old patterns of behaviour that are deteriorating the quality of life. For breaking the spell of habitual patterns of behaviour. Used also for breaking the hold of substance addiction.

The essence that inspires generosity and the openness to share what you have with others on all levels. The opening of a window in the soul that reveals the basic needs of fellow human beings and then rekindles the desire to give with grace and benevolence. Also helps to de-energise an unhealthy need to have and keep hold of material possessions.

To encourage respect and appreciation for people and their intrinsic value. For when criticism needs to be transformed into acceptance of others, their individual and differing expressions. Helpful for bridging communication and mutual respect problems in relationships.

To inspire the realisation that the journey of life will bring solutions, one needs patience and acceptance of the “here and now”. For those who are worried and therefore miss out on joy. Helpful in relieving stress and sleeplessness caused by worry.

An essence enhancing inner renewal and freeing oneself from old baggage that has no part to play in a happy life. For dealing with issues of the past which leave a bitter taste. To re-experience the joy of making the most of possibilities in present and future relationships.

This essence helps the person to switch on their Light again, that is, to see they must reach out to the beauty around them, and inside of them to feel that it is good to be alive. Whatever their past pain has been, or however long a person has been hurting and struggling to go on, positive life experiences wait for them on the horizon. The renewal of hope and optimism, when we are in touch with our inner Light, is alway rewarded.

To encourage expressing the hurt one feels, so that others may better realise your situation and respond. To release the pent up gut feelings and face what is really happening. This frees one from both expectation of fairness and the situation of being used by others. Helpful for equalising one-sided relationships and bringing reality to obligatory relationships.

This essence helps settle the person, bringing inner contentment which enhances the enjoyment of the family or group. The person can then fulfill their responsibilities and reap the rewards of consistency and shared goals. For issues of responsibility in family and group life where duties and everyday pressure is causing an individual to become distant
and avoid their share of the load. This affects the whole group as they must carry the extra burden, and problems of resentment soon arise.

To inspire feelings of positivity and self esteem. Being able to learn from mistakes with acceptance and without blame or regret. From inner acceptance – to focus – to success. Helpful for overcoming negative self concepts with ensuing phases of stagnation or depression.

The essence of recovery from trauma. To help rebuild and re-thread the subtle and physical bodies after a shattering experience, mentally and/or physically, thereby energizing them. To integrate such experiences into one’s understanding and perspective on Life in a wise way and move forward with renewed vigour.

This essence helps resolve problems of over-competitiveness and brings a person into a space where they are free to interact with others as an equal. The Self then comes from a deeper aspect where it can feel joy for another’s successes without feeling inferior or unattended. For issues of craving recognition and acceptance from others.

The essence of letting go and allowing Life to flow. For issues of holding on and rigidity of mind and body. For releasing the need that Life and people should conform to only one perspective. Helpful in times of change, grief and reconciliation for the person to allow the old day to go and the new day to be embraced with flexibility.

This essence stimulates love and focus out towards others, and one becomes happy by giving. For loss of balanced perspective leading to introversion, being demanding and over concentrated on oneself and what one has or has not got.

Frees the conscience which then naturally brings the mind back to balanced healthy pursuits. For those who find themselves caught in an unhealthy curiosity about the affairs of others, who feel powerful with personal information and can’t resist gossiping.

To find the freedom of truthfully showing one’s true thoughts and intentions. To be able to think, say, and be as one whole person without hiding any underlying negativity or to fall into hypocrisy.

For claustrophobia, both physical and emotional. To enable a person not to feel panic it a confined space or when feeling under threat. To allow the rush of energy and fear to be earthed so that rational thought can prevail.


To strengthen oneself so as not to be pressured against one’s will, or be routinely influenced by the desires of others who focus on you. Helpful for dominant/submissive relationships and for adolescents succumbing to peer group pressure.

To find the powers of regeneration and metamorphosis within. The essence to care for and heal oneself so one can bounce back after personal trauma and unload the feelings of heaviness. When this is achieved the renewed inspiration for Life and zest for living carries one through to positive experiences and give scope for great fulfilment.

For the maturing of the female principle or woman within. For both men and women a metamorphosis to inner strength, nurturing sensitivity and loving wisdom that is not emotionally dependent. Helpful in releasing the feminine aspect into society.

An essence of confidence for those who feel more comfortable withdrawing from people than dealing with criticism. Enables one to detach from the judgmental attitudes of others and feel free to join in social situations.

To re-ignite spontaneity and carefree feelings, to heal all aspects of anxiety linked to perfectionism. Helpful for those who worry about details, and also those needing to accept their present imperfect state of health and well being while convalescing from illness or trauma.

This essence helps fight stagnation and repetition of mistakes. For frustration. To enhance forward movement through a problem without sudden leaps back to square one. Helpful for maintaining disciplines and healthy habits for body, mind and spirit.

The essence of patience in finding direction in life which leads to peaceful settling of the mind. This patience allows time for the consolidation of experiences so one can make decisions with greater wisdom and determination, and not be influenced into erratic action
driven by one’s own anxiety.

To inspire standing on one’s own feet, to be able to achieve with one’s own strength. For issues of dependency. Whether it is trepidation about striking out on a new path less travelled by others, being able to let go of the need for a backup person or simply fear of doing things alone. This essence inspires a realisation of self reliance and determination.

This essence earths excessive, scattered energy and re-establishes a natural and healthy flow which feeds the needs of activity without over stimulating. With this inner mental and physical peace the person feels back in control of their life and can have balanced states of rest and activity. For those who can’t sleep or relax due to frenetic energy unbalancing them.

This essence is as a filter and inner strengthener so that a person is not going up and down with the praise and condemnation of others. For those psychically sensitive, it helps to relieve the burden of that sensitivity by engendering a contentment generated by their own inner centre. Helpful also with pre-menstrual syndrome and sensitivity of pregnancy,
creating instead a rosy glow of inner tranquillity. Also for those wishing to overcome nervousness when speaking in public. For those who are extra-sensitive to the thoughts and judgements of others.

The essence of joy and courage to face and deal with past shadows and pain. To inspire the knowledge that there is no pain that can’t be dealt with, it is never as bad as you fear, it will not overwhelm you, you are stronger than it. Helpful also in psychotherapy, rebirthing & past life therapy to uncover forgotten or hidden experiences affecting the present
state of being.

This essence stimulates the inner core of one’s being to take control of life situations. It helps one to come from a central energy where depth and breadth of vision ensures no energy is needlessly wasted on peripheral issues. The effect is to deepen understanding of what caring for and helping a person can really mean, to know also when to stand
back for that person’s deeper welfare. Helpful for feelings of depletion in those whose work or life is in the service of others.

For healing and restoring balance to all aspects of male/female, Yin/Yang energy flows. To release blockages to these primal and vital flows brought about by sexual trauma, underdevelopment, fear or loathing of the opposite sex and hormonal fluctuations. Also helpful in physical manifestations of these blockages such as for restoring balance to the
water element in the body as this essence basically re-harmonises the sex /water chakra.

This essence calms, strengthens and inspires the person to face and deal with their life and relationships so that stability and fulfillment come together for them at last. With new found consistency there is a deepening and maturing in all aspects of Life. For those with difficulties, such as panic and a need to run away when facing responsibility in work or family life.

This essence inspires the realisation that idealism about love is important, that being loved is wonderful, it is eternally with us and sometimes also given to us from the external world. For healing those who are holding in sadness and great hurt, this is the essence of finding
higher love. The depths of love these people long for are more surely found within the depths of themselves, where it can never leave them.

To move on through and past pain and into new experiences of life without fear. For those who have been hurt, expect to be hurt again and thus close doors of opportunity. Especially in the realms of human relations, this fear and hesitation blocks joyful new beginnings. This essence encourages regeneration, renewal and courage using painful
experiences as an opportunity for greater depth.

The essence of awareness and balance of focus. For those feeling they are unfairly carrying everyone’s work-load on their own shoulders. For those feeling unsupported and overwhelmed, such as people in leadership positions or situations such as being a single parent or self employed. This essence helps one refocus on the contribution that others make, then sensitivity to their problems and burdens is born. This awareness and empathy can serve to improve everyone’s situation.

This essence brings one in touch with the softness of life and empathy re-emerges. The hardened outer skin then becomes subtle and supple again, and is able to receive and give love. For those who have been gradually closing up and de-sensitising because of the harsh realities of life and human relations.

To enhance full expression, response and articulation of feelings without being angered or provoked to violence. To inspire the detachment to let harsh words pass through you and not damage your equipoise. To stop and think and come from a higher aspect in yourself before reacting to hurt by producing more hurt.

The essence of conscience. For those who get caught in rapacious,manipulative power playing for their own gain and lose sight of the reality of natural Karma where Life asserts justice. This essence raises the consciousness of the person to see the futility of what they are doing and its effects on others. As the light of conscience pierces the inner
darkness a new person is bom.

The essence of self esteem and assertiveness. For hard working people feeling increasingly lonely and sad because they are unappreciated and treated like a work-horse. This essence restores the sense of self dignity and inner strength to not withdraw but be actively part of society and able to assert rights as an individual.

The essence of opening up to new concepts and ideas. To take the fear out of the unknown and untried. To inspire full acceptance of the beliefs of others without feeling unduly persuaded against your better judgement. Helpful for those who feel intimidated by others views and find themselves being automatically defensive and dogmatic.

This essence is helpful in restoring the milk of human kindness to the hearts of those whose caring has run out. This happens because it is an emotionally based response. The kindness that will never run out comes from a much higher and richer source, beyond personal limitations of energy, and this is what this essence gets one in touch with. For those who feel dried out and have no more to give. For feelings of emptiness in dealing with people.

This essence calms the inner core enabling a person to carry their own peace with them and be discerning as to what elements of the external world they will allow to activate their attention. For those stressed by environmental chaos or pressure. Helpful for those easily influenced and changed by noises, clamour or emotionally charged environments.

This essence re-ignites the vital flame and restores its dynamism to the point where the person can take over this most essential responsibility. For those who are losing their inner vital force which keeps one alive, either by a slow draining on the physical level, or a cutting off in the subtle bodies.

To encourage maintaining the fight for one’s morality amidst opposition. This essence promotes the inner strength of one’s convictions to prevail without compromise even when the struggle seems long and potentially overwhelming. Helpful for those who feel they have to give in and accept defeat when they feel unsupported or unlucky in the ideals they strive for.

The essence of clarity and focus. To harness the inner strength of purpose and direct it towards important goals. Encourages achievement through new mental directness. Helpful for those who find difficulty in maintaining purpose, who feel they get lost halfway through a thought process or activity. Also excellent for attaining healing objectives and for
directing energy at childbirth.

This essence frees and strengthens the heart so that one does not become like the very people one resents. In this way to become a helpful understanding person, such as is needed by yourself, and others in the world every day. For dependency / resentment cycles where a sensitive person becomes hard after being let down by other people.

This essence inspires partners to drop the blame game and concentrate on sensitivity to the other person, thus allowing constructive re-building of trust and other solutions. Helpful for objective self analysis and rebalancing of partnerships. For relationships with circular
arguments of blame.

This essence instills consistency in achievement and energy output. Helpful for those who do too little, then too much – and then collapse. The practical use of energy encourages better self esteem and confidence, proving oneself is then no longer an issue. Helpful also for those who feel defeated, useless and are feeling unable to prove to others that they
can reach a goal.

To gain and maintain serene objectivity amidst very personal issues of the heart that threaten to unbalance you. This essence encourages the objectivity without compromising richness of feeling and sensitivity towards loved ones, and is very helpful in times of relationship upsets.

To release build up of pressure and tension and allow healing relaxation of body and mind. To enhance the unwinding process and to release the sense of having to automatically react tensely to situations. Very helpful for those who fee! rising stress and those who find
themselves on the edge of a breakdown.

The essence of selfless service. To drink deep from the deeper side of one’s Love nature. To not be caught in emotional traps in your dealings with fellow humans or your own Life path. To sensitise to a point beyond personalisation, freeing the heart with service. Helpful for those who are desiring to merge with the Universal purpose and on all levels, practical
and internal, share their treasures with others.

This essence helps transmute reservations about the demands of being social into a liberated social manner. The change in focus to one’s general internal direction ensures a healthy flow of energy and ability to enjoy and deal with people without hesitation. For feelings of restlessness, discomfort and tiredness that are accentuated in the company of others.

This essence helps one not to rely on external images and masks and to desire honest and meaningful connections to people. For those who want to find their true and deeper Self. Frustration with shallow, empty and obligatory relationships is brought to an end by seeking the greater depth in the Self and other people. Very revealing and freeing for inner
growth, helpful also with all types of psychotherapy and counselling to get past protective facades to the inner riches.

To bring one back in touch with loved ones, promoting sensitivity. To be in the here and now, patiently, allowing time and space tor closeness and the little joys of life together. Helpful for busy mums, dads and spouses who find their distracted behaviour is creating distance in relationships.

This essence renews energy and inspiration to attend to all facets of life creatively and with equal enthusiasm. For those caught in a conflict between desire and duties, personal expression and responsibilities. Helpful for lethargy and listlessness, also adolescence and mid-life dilemmas of rebellion or frustration about duties and family ties.

This essence helps a person rely on their own energy and be aware of sharing burdens in family and community life. The return of this energy flow then sees a general boost to overall energy output and creativity in all areas of the person’s endeavour. For problems with energy and attitudes leading to laziness.

The essence of gentleness and sensitivity. To re-open the heart, engendering empathy with the problems of others which then becomes an opportunity for openness and the merging of souls. Especially helpful for couples and family relations where harshness and brittle attitudes are stopping the love, joy and closeness of life together.

This wildflower essence helps bring back the feeling of wholeness of being where one’s integral self is restored. It works to heal and then integrate and revitalise the parts of the mind that are full of trauma, and therefore being kept isolated in the mind to prevent further trauma. Once the person feels their inner strength restored, the mind is unified and has
the inherent ability to withstand the thrusts and parries of life.

To rise above fear and foreboding that stops us from taking positive attitudes and directions that are desired for a fulfilling life. Helpful for those who feel a sense of nameless dread and don’t understand why they feel that way. Healing the panic of fear of annihilation.

The essence of holding peace and inner tranquility. For those who find environmental distractions and the company of people make them increasingly tense. This essence promotes an inner strengthening which enables the inner peace to hold despite external happenings. A person is then able to maintain themselves in all situations with equanimity
and sweetness of mind. Helpful for parents and those in the “people” professions.

Focuses spiritual energies that will consistently break up negative oppressive forces in the environment. This essence gives a sense of protection and dynamism where powerlessness has previously prevailed. This is a deep, internally inspiring and extremely subtle flower essence which is of great benefit to those dedicated to the Path of Light.

For inspiring inner strength of perseverance when things aren’t working out. To keep caring for others and not give up or rebel. Encourages one to achieve goals despite the obstacles. Particularly effective for adolescent growing pains, getting students past learning dead ends, establishing healthy disciplines (caring about ending an unhealthy addiction) and for those who feel in a stagnant malaise.

The essence of deep fulfilling Self Love. For those disillusioned by the lack of love from others who they have loved. This essence encourages a self contained yet caring attitude to others which brings about an inner emotional contentment. The “needy” feelings towards loved ones are then transformed into a sensitivity from a centre of Self Love.

This essence brings back confidence and appreciation of our achievements even when all around is malice and doubt. For those who are the target for negativity and find they are losing vitality. With renewed vitality in our goals and objectives it is possible to move out of the sphere of influence of these negative projections into the free space of positivity
and success.

The essence of empathy, to help one get in touch with how life is experienced by others and to integrate this into one’s understanding. To look at life from a perspective that encompasses all the possibilities a person can face and thus lose any judgmental attitudes. To inspire the realisation that one day it could be me in that situation” and so also to prepare oneself for the twists and turns that life may present you with. Also helpful for those finding themselves in trauma and unable to cope because of lack of experience of such things.

This essence inspires an outlook where one’s own concerns don’t have to always be prominent. The world turns with or without you. The decentralising of one’s focus brings one in touch with the beauty and joy that surrounds all life and one can appreciate it anew.

The essence of creative solutions and breaking through. For those who feel there is no way out of their dilemmas, that they are facing locked doors on all sides. This essence brings about the realisation and mental force to break into the realms of infinite options and choice which have always been there. With new creativity and hope, life situations are
completely turned around. Also helpful for releasing and manifesting the artistic and other creative talents in people.

The essence of directness and straightforwardness. Learning to deal with difficult people and situations in a benevolent but successful manner. To stimulate the mind to focus on what is real and important, bringing out the courage within to cut through emotional smoke screens in communications with people.

Healing with this flower manifests within oneself a non compromising attitude towards fairness both from ourselves and from others. Secondly, it stops one getting emotionally caught when someone is unfair. By not accommodating another’s unfairness, being taken for granted ends, this puts the responsibility on to the other person to examine their behaviour.

This essence boosts the sense of self worth and a person’s understanding of how they got in their “victim” situation. For those with feelings of inferiority due to suffering unkindness from people they cared for. Helpful for those feeling down-trodden after relationship break ups and the underdog in an ongoing relationship.

The essence of integration and wisdom in working with groups of people or in the family. To accept the reality of group dynamics and retain idealism. To inspire one to work constructively with the group to keep the flow and growth in a healthy direction despite problems with egos, dishonest communication and other common destructive elements.
One then works with and engenders positivity and deals effectively with negativity.

This essence re-orientates sensitivity towards others and the bridges one must make in order to bring about understanding. With this realisation comes the desire to meet people halfway, or more if necessary, to engender friendship and fellowship. For those who feel
misunderstood and therefore isolated and lonely.

This essence calms the flaring sensitivities and emotional pain that so stress a person. For healing those who are feeling emotionally shattered during and after relationship traumas, such as break-ups. During these experiences they despair of any possibility of having love in their life. This essence speeds their emotional recovery, healing the damage and allowing them to pass on through to the rest of their life.

To inspire the release of people in your life who have wronged you. To detach from the feelings of revenge and start living for today. This essence invokes a life affirming positivity which dissolves any chips that may be on your shoulder.

This essence helps to re-integrate the subtle and more physical aspects of your being into a functioning whole again. Helpful also in cases of difficulty in concentration, fainting and after anaesthesia to promote quick recovery of mind/body connections so important for the
healing processes. For anxiety, vagueness and feeling muddled caused by the mind and body separating in times of extreme stress.

The essence to steady the mind focus and inspire facing up to the realities and consequences of choices. To be alert to all aspects of a situation and be prepared to take them into account. To have a mature and wise view of Life. To avoid unnecessary dangers.

The essence of clarity for those engulfed in complexities and difficulties. To help one develop a broad perspective when messy situations are threatening to drag you down. Helpful in maintaining equipoise, consistency and direction in your life.

For the uncovering of the deepest spiritual core. This is an essence of tranquillity that encourages pulling back the layers to reach the soul level. It also inspires using the higher self to integrate and respond to Life from the most Universal perspective possible for one’s evolution at the time, rather than one’s personal perspective. Helpful for spiritual practices such as meditation.

To bring love and caring to the darkest corners of the universe without being devastated by the insensitivity and overwhelming suffering around you. For those who seek to help make this planet a better place for all. Helpful and inspiring for those in the caring professions and in volunteer service, by engendering a higher perspective on the purpose of pain in
the journey of the soul.

The essence of balance between caution and courageous decision making. For those who feel unable to trust new opportunities in their life because of unknown outcomes, and find that this view stops them from experiencing life. It can also lead to a sense of fatalism and negativity about the flow of life in general. Helpful for worrying and pessimistic tendencies.

To be able to face new goals without fear of inevitable failure. For those who are losing heart this essence rekindles the desire to go ahead with ideals and goals when the struggle seems too much. Helpful during long, tiring and seemingly pointless phases in the journey to reach one’s higher aspirations.

The essence of perspective and humility. Helps one avoid the traps of glamour and self importance so that life is seen with objectivity. Without this objectivity situations and one’s part in them can be dramatised beyond their importance and central vital issues can be neglected. Helpful for maintaining forward progress without distracting oneself.

The essence of tolerance and understanding for those frustrated by the mistakes of others. The realisation comes that there is value in making mistakes when a person is guided by the sincerity and benevolence of another. With this sensitivity, judgmental attitudes drop away and relationships prosper.

This essence is calming and centering for the mind. Inspires deeper contemplation. For those who can’t focus or concentrate and follow a thought through. Helpful for students of all ages and those who have difficulty with distraction.

This essence turns the perspective around to encourage a realisation that the first and most important opinion is the one you have about yourself. From this then comes personal objectives for growth and expansion built on positivity and self assessment rather than outside recognition. For those who have low self esteem because they feel they
are not valued by others.

To have lightheartedness and calmness despite rising pressure and tension so that inner peace and relationships with others do not suffer. To find fortitude and wisdom to handle stressful phases without making life one long hard chore. Helpful in keeping the mind in a positive frame where it can enjoy the garden of Life.

For stimulating open-mindedness which then receives knowledge and the concepts of others. This essence calms the mind and dispels the illusion that we hear even when we don’t listen. The message people are trying to convey is then fully understood and relationships with others improve dramatically. Helpful with learning difficulties in children and adults including autism and attention deficit disorder. In learning not to assume that one does know, full expansion of consciousness is possible.



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